Hi! My name is Fred. Welcome to my very first website. Hope you enjoy your visit

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Let me tell you my story and how I ended learning web development.

After more than 10 years in the Automotive Industry, I have decided to meet new challenges. The first one was to start a new career from scratch and the second one to move abroad with my family. Why not doing those two things at the same time??? Yes, right, let's do it!!!

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My first post – When it all started !

One year ago, in April 2018, I started looking for a new path, both career and way of living my life. The country where I wanted to move with wife and kid was already decided. I just needed to deal with what I was going to do there.


What coding bootcamp did I choose ? Part 1

So last year I have decided to learn programming languages so that I would be able to understand how things work and build my own Website. Before I started looking I already had notions of what HTML and CSS were.


What coding bootcamp did I choose ? Part 2

My research for a coding bootcamp started end of March 2018 and it took me almost 2 months to finally decide to which one I was going to dedicate my soul and body. In the area of Paris, the offering is wide and 2 months were not to much to decide.